GPS information of the images

Since version 1.1.8 we can view and edit the GPS information of our images.

When we list the photos we can identify which of them have GPS information by means of a small icon in their upper right.

We can access them using the drop-down menu and choosing the option “View / Edit GPS information” from the main taskbar or from view mode.

If we choose only one image we can see the exact location of the place where the photograph was taken. With a mouse click, we can move around the map and choose a new location.

In turn, we can remove such GPS information, open the location in our default browser or search for a specific address by name, or using latitude and longitude coordinates.

While we can only edit the GPS information of one image at a time, we can see the location of several of them at the same time. We only have to select several images and open them from the drop down menu.

This icon indicates where the picture was taken. We can scroll through the map and click on it to see the photograph. A small window will open that we can move wherever we want and that will remain “floating” until we close. In it we can see some basic information about the image as its location and IPTC information.

Screenshots from version 1.1.8

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