Importing our image files

For 1.2.0 version, the importer of photographs has been redesigned.

By selecting the folder where the images we want to import are, we can preview their thumbnails, adjust their display size and choose how we show them to streamline the process.

Using the right mouse button we can mark all the images that we have selected, we can list them as thumbnails or as a list, thus speeding up their loading.

In the lower part of the window we have a summary of the images that the folder contains, which we mark to import and its size.

Within Options we can specify if we want to delete the original images once they have been imported and open them in the program when finished, as well as assign a program to be executed when the import process is finished.

We found the option to execute synchronization files “.ffs_batch” of Free File Sync. The idea is once we import our images to our main hard drive we automatically execute the synchronization with our backup hard disk.

Screenshoots from version 1.2.0

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