Capture connected to the computer (tethered)

From version 1.2.0 we can connect our camera to the computer through a USB cable and take photos remotely. (* see list of supported cameras)

From the main menu, we have the option of “Capture connected to the computer”

From here we can start the photo shoot after establishing a series of options.


When we start the photo session we have real-time camera data. In turn, the folder where the session has started is being monitored waiting for the photographs.

At this time we can start taking pictures. These will be sent to the folder automatically, it does not matter if we have configured in our camera the type of images like JPEG or RAW, or JPEG + RAW, all the images will be copied.

It is also possible to take photographs remotely by pointing our mouse pointer to the objective of the lower part. When passing it over our camera will look for focus, and when giving click we will take the photo. This function is very useful for, for example, product photography.


We can also synchronize the time of the computer with that of the camera from the configuration button.




Imágenes de la versión 1.2.0

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